Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance should be your main defense against illness and injury. Think of it as a preventative measure, just like taking your vitamins. Individual health insurance plans give employees more options regarding which plan best suits their needs, and can even potentially be a more affordable option. It also remains with them regardless of career changes and job placements. We offer a variety of individual health insurance plans from multiple major carriers, and these plans can be fully customized to meet your needs. Individual health insurance plans with various deductible levels, and coinsurance and copay options are just a few of the types of plans available to our individual health insurance customers.

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Brooker Insurance Agency is a proud member of Insurance Exchange Navigators (IEN), an alliance of select insurance brokers in the Northeast Ohio region. As a member of this coalition, Brooker Insurance Agency is among a network of skilled professionals having expertise in every facet of employee benefits and individual health insurance. IEN’s mission is to help businesses and individuals manage health insurance and benefit offerings under the new health care reform legislation. Through this alliance, Brooker Insurance Agency is pleased to offer our clients expanded insurance product options and deeper levels of expertise, as well as a streamlined insurance shopping process, enabling our clients to select the health insurance and benefit programs which best match their specific needs.

We would love to answer any questions you may have regarding an individual health insurance policy and see how we can help meet your needs. Please click the link below to contact us or call (440) 238-5454.