locally focused, nationally recognized

As an industry leader and preferred local agent, we can provide our clients with the most competitive rates from large carriers and remain true to providing day-to-day personalized service.

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Commercial Insurance

Business insurance tailored to meet your needs and a partnership forged for a lifetime.

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Transportation Insurance

Commercial insurance specialized for the transportation industry: trucking, buses, limousine, charter & tour, school bus, public transit, and more.

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Personal Insurance

Personalized policies to protect what matters most to you: your family, your vehicles, and your home.

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Employee Benefits

Individual health plans and group benefits customized to fit your company’s unique needs.

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A full-service mortgage company with expertise in all areas of mortgage lending.

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The partnerships we have with our array of carriers allow us to match you with the very best coverage to shield you from loss.

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The Brooker Family of Businesses

Our team has grown significantly over the years, as we have acquired additional agencies and created new ones when a need was identified that we could meet. Because of this, we have a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience across our family of businesses. Learn more in Our Story.

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Our team is made up of the best talent in the industry today. We have the experience and expertise to get you the right coverage at the best price.
When you win, we win!

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Client Testimonials

National Office

How Brooker Insurance helped foster an immediate response in order to clean up, rebuild, and restore business operations as quickly as possible after a fire.

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Margaret Bosela

Brooker Insurance went above and beyond to shop other carriers and recommend other equally rich coverage that saved us over $600.00 annually! I am very impressed.

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Benjamin Yost

It doesn't take long to recognize that the Brooker team has a deep institutional knowledge of the insurance industry, and truly provides their clients the best value.

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