Commercial Auto

The Brooker Insurance Agency has insured more commercial vehicles, more commercial drivers and manages more commercial auto premiums than nearly every agency in our class. Simply put, it’s what we do best. Whether your need is driver education, competitive premium, maintenance programs, or just an agent that will pick up the phone, click below and a commercial insurance agent will contact you through the method you most prefer. If you are in the transportation industry, we have a dedicated team built just for businesses like yours, Brooker Transportation.

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We are confident that we can exceed the expectations set by our competition.

Certificates generated with speed, drivers vetted and approved for hire, driver safety consultations, and access to markets just scratch the surface of the value we can provide our clients. We set the highest standards for ourselves and take great pride in what we have accomplished within the commercial auto industry. We have received national recognition for serving this segment of businesses and seeing our clients succeed is what we care about most.

Possibly no industry has seen insurance rate increases quite like the commercial auto industry. We attack increasing rates by expanding the number of options available to you and making sure those options are quality markets who have lengthy experience writing commercial auto. We also have on staff commercial auto safety experts ready to speak to your drivers about the things that have huge impacts on your premium and their career as a safe driver.

The margin for error in commercial auto insurance is so small and the premium changes are so impactful, it’s worth inviting us to have a conversation with you regarding what can be done from a pricing and a service perspective. We are thankful for all of our clients and the ability to support them all across the country. We would love for your business to be our next success story, please contact us to see how we can help protect your business.